Freedom To Serve Your Customers 

Is there anything better than being able to provide great service and sell airtime on the spot without any hassle?  We all know how demanding it can be out in the field while you are trying to keep track of stock, new customers and sales. Here at PAV, we have developed an easy solution to help you sell airtime and recharge your SIM kits.

We now have a Mobile Airtime solution available for you.  This brand-new way of selling Airtime and Data can be done via a Bluetooth Printer and your Android Smartphone or by only using your Android Smartphone and selling PINLESS Airtime and Data.  Your customers will be amazed when you whip out the Bluetooth Printer and sell Airtime, Data, and even Electricity.


Freedom to Sell

You are set free with PAV Mobile Vending. Break away from the norm of customers coming to you, now PAV Mobile Vending allows you to go directly to your customers. Become a PAV Mobile Agent and Become empowered to sell Airtime, Data and Electricity anywhere anytime.  Surprise your customers by selling them Airtime, DATA, and other products on the streets, in taxi ranks, train stations, and your local soccer game. Sales are easy and convenient when you can print out their voucher via a Bluetooth Printer or vend PINLESS Airtime & DATA.


If you are a PAV RICA Agent, selling SIM kits, or doing SIM kit promotions, you can now also sell airtime on the spot, which will help you earn promotional support.  All you must do is go to our website and check out the amazing specials and contact us.


Get Connected and join the entrepreneur revolution.  Sell airtime all day every day with no hassle, WOZA and become your own boss.


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