Where you belong and can become an entrepreneur

PAV Places act as hubs for all PAV Telecoms Agents all around South Africa. This is where PAV Agents are created, educated and guided to become the best Agensts they can be and learn to belong and become.

Over time, PAV Places have become a central point for all agents where various tasks and activities are performed. This includes selling airtime, SIM cards and cell phones as well as training agents.


The PAV Place improves our ability to reach the informal market to attract and retain future and current PAV Agents. Initially launched to support our PAV Agents, they have become so much more. Agents can receive airtime, SIM cards and cellphones and receive training and guidance. They have become a place that empowers the local community by making people feel they belong and can become a PAV Place operator or Agent. 

Working out on the streets is hard and challenging , now Agents have a place they can belong to. The Pav Place provides Agents the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur, thus increasing their income with the full support from PAV Telecoms.  By opening up these PAV Places, we created job opportunities in communities that struggle to find employment.  PAV Places host many activities when onboarding Agents; registering RICA Agents, providing support, training and educating them and installing the My PAV app. The My PAV app is important to the Agents as they can view their reward level progress, follow the latest news, network offerings and guides, order SIM cards or play games! Agents are finally issued with SIM cards so that they can start their own journey in sales and “Make It Count”.


PAV Places Three Fists