Airtime Printing

Have you ever thought to yourself “I could use some extra money right now”?

Well of course! We have all had those times where the month seems to last a little longer than your bank account can handle. I am sure we all experience a need for that little extra money to help invest in our hobbies, treat our family or just get us through to month-end comfortably.  Belong to PAV Telecoms and become a Bulk Airtime Distributor supported by the best service and technology in the market. We have been growing and supporting airtime Entrepreneurs to be sustainable for two decades.


This is the time to Belong and Become!

PAV Telecoms has been in the Bulk printing business for over a decade! Based on our knowledge we gained over the years, we were able to develop a secure and professional online solution that simplifies the bulk printing process and makes it easier to manage stocks. The great news for you is that YOU can Become a part of this innovative business solution! Our Bulk printing system and years of knowledge and experience are now available to you and we will work with you to help give your bank account a fill-up and also fill a need in your community.


Our Online Printing System.

Our Bulk printing system is an amazing tool for you to print and distribute pre-paid airtime and data in your community. One of the many advantages of an online bulk printing solution is the ability to login ANYTIME and ANYWHERE in the world to monitor and view your bulk stock levels and your wallet balance. It’s safe and convenient for you, and because it’s a web-based system your stock is safely stored on our servers! All you would need to do is follow 3 easy steps to deposit your cash, print the order and collect the cash from your client! Remember the more you sell the more you earn!

Our secure online Bulk printing solution simplifies your business and makes it easier to manage your stock. The second you register to the time you print, you will have access to professional support from training, coaching, hardware, and free setup. This will be available to make your airtime business grow. Easy as 123 PAV!

Nowadays, you don’t have to look very far for Business opportunities just look around and you would notice almost every person is using a cellphone, and chances are they are on pre-paid and they require the services you offer! Can you imagine the convenience you provide and the needs you can fill?