Bigger Better rewards for PAV Agents

Rewarding and supporting you to belong and become is our mission.

We launched the My PAV App in 2021 to help grow your business by rewarding you for activating more. Further to rewards, we provided you with your current performance when distributing your SIM cards and included you in the latest news and network promotions.

We have listened to your feedback on the My PAV App and now bring you an improved My PAV with more rewards that are easy to understand.

It is Bigger and Better than before.

Your reward will now be paid into your Smartload Wallet giving you more flexibility on what you can do with your Rewards.

T&C’s apply*

Bigger Better Rewards Ad

Now you only need to activate 30 SIMs to get a reward if you are on Bronze, Silver, or Gold Status.

The new Rewards program allows you to earn more and have up to R200 uploaded into your Smartload wallet.

Earn even Bigger Better Rewards on your status and activations. Simply redeem your rewards from your Smartload wallet.

Download My PAV App and become a part of our Bigger Better Rewards programme. You can download the Android App here 

If you are a My PAV registered user, please update your My PAV App to get the latest rewards, and the Order SIMs feature.

Contact Us for enquiries or questions:   send an email to    or  call us on 011 880-5175

*Terms and Conditions Apply